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AAA CAD Drafting Services

AAA Drafting Services is a mechanical drafting firm which provides cad design and cad drafting services to Architects, professional engineers and manufacturers. We are licensed in Solidworks Office Professional 2009 as well as having twenty years experience using AutoCad

In our years in the design/drafting business our projects in the civil engineering area have included infrastructure projects such as replacing the main drive on a bascule bridge. We used 3D design extensively to prove out the design and acted as the project manager for its on time replacement.

We have also Redesigned bridge nose locks on swing bridges and bascule bridges to reduce maintenance costs. We have also custom designed traffic gates for bridge traffic control.

We have been involved extensively with dust collectors and baghouses, many to NFPA specifications. We have laid out complex industrial ventilation systems and ductwork in 3D as well as with traditional 2d drafting. We have designed duct supports, stair towers, access ladders and platforms to OSHA standards.

Our exposure to packaging machinery includes designing end load cartoners, rotary feeders and magazines and case packers. We have experience in hot melt glue systems, labeling equipment and carton tuck and seal devices.

Please call us if you have a cad drafting project, technical manual or 3D modeling project you need help with. We can put the industries best 3D tools to work for you without you having to make the investment in the software.

Do you also have a lot of experience in the CAD industry ?, Would you like to submit articles and content for this website ? Just register using the login screen down on the bottom left hand side of the home page. Once registered you will be able to use the "submit an article" button in the projects menu on the left. Please share your knowledge for the benefit of the whole engineering community.

To contact me please send emails to sales at aaadrafting dot com

AAA Drafting Services
Burlington, Ontario

Phone: 905-467-0233

AAA Drafting services

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A SolidWorks designer talks about stuff related to CAD and mechanical design
  • Sketching on a SolidWorks drawing

    If you are new to SolidWorks, there can be times when things are a little frustrating. One of those simple things is adding notes or sketching lines on an exisiting drawing with several views.

    You add your note or centerline and then move one of the views but the note you added stays where it is and you end up having to move it seperately.

    Or you have a note that belongs somewhere else in the drawing that gets moved when you are rearranging views when you dont want it to.

    The solution to these problems is found in these excerpts from the SolidWorks help section.
    Lock View Focus.
    Allows you to add sketch entities to views, even when the pointer is close to another view. You can be sure that the items you are adding belong to the views you want. You can also double-click views to lock the focus.
    So if you want to add a note or a line to views and have them move when you move the view, click in the views, right click and lock the view focus, then add the items you want.

    Once you are finished just click the views and unselect the lock view focus. Now your items should move in lock step with the views.

    What about notes that you want to be part of the sheet. Say you have some general material or heat treatment notes that you dont want to have moved when views are manipulated. You need to use lock sheet focus.

    Lock Sheet Focus.
    Allows you to add sketch entities to the sheet. Otherwise, the sketch entities belong to the view that is closest to where you begin sketching. You can also double-click a sheet to lock the focus. Lock Sheet Focus is available when at least one drawing view is present. When Lock Sheet Focus is enabled, the drawing sheet border is pink.

    Finally if you are in a situation where you want to lock certain projections in postion use lock view position. I find this useful when I want to use a single projection to show an open or closed position by superimposing views on top of each other:

    Create two views of the same part or assembly. Align them horizontally or vertically as required. Right-click anywhere in the desired view and select Lock View Position. Then you can line up the copied views right over top of the original, making it look as if both are the same.
    Following these directions should help so that notes and sketched lines dont end up where they are not supposed to be!