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SolidWorks books and learning materials

Solidworks books by Matt Lombard. The Solidworks "Bible" is a bit of a pretentious name for a SolidWorks text but overall it is a very good text for learning solidworks. It covers all the basics in a far more detailed way than even the help button in SolidWorks does. The book also goes on to discuss almost all of the advanced techniques. Matt Lombards writing style is easy to understand and not overly technical.

The examples are good and there are many of them. If you are learning SolidWorks, or just need a good reference text to look up a particular technique, this book will work on both counts. This presentation is not quite as snazzy as the "solidworks for dummies" book series. It's just plain, jane, matter of fact without any glowing light bulbs or big question marks.

The DVD included with the book contains a single zip file with all the projects shown in the book, categorized by chapter.

I checked this book in the Canadian Chapters bookstore where it was selling for $59.99 CDN / $49.99 USD in January of 2009. The listing linked to in the picture is $29.70 USD with $3.60 USD shipping within the USA. Thats even cheaper than picking it up yourself, so its a good deal. If you find it even cheaper, let me know and I will try to list it here.

The SolidWorks administration Bible is another book that plays on the successful title of the first. It is also a very useful book if you work in a company that has more than one SolidWorks licence.

With multiple licences you can easily end up with duplicate files and conflicting models so its worthwhile reading about how to set up central part libraries for your parts, assemblies, weldment and sheet metal parts.

Solid works Books available on eBay

eBay is a great place to find Solid Works books new or gently used for excellent prices. Be careful though, study the vendors feedback carefully and deal only with those you know and trust.

> Self taught 3D modeling

Diamond Crossing

Diamond Crossing

Raillroad diamond crossing with replacement frogs and lead-in rails
Duct Layout

Duct Layout

Dust Collector pipe layout designed for constant velocity of 3500 fpm
Disk Brake Assembly

Disk Brake Assembly

Disk brake assembly for commuter rail car