Osha ladder, handrail and
stair design and drafting

Osha ladders, stairs, platforms and handrails compliant with OSHA health and safety regulations are required on many jobsites and industrial locations. While OSHA is a United States Occupational health and safety standard, many companies and other countries have adopted these safety ladder standards in the their construction projects because the standards reduce accidents and associated costs.

OSHA standards formalize guidelines for stairs, ladders and handrails so that are safe and easy to climb. The standards also layout the safe design of platforms. OHSA ladder standards reduce potential cost due to accident claims and create a better physical environment to work in.

In many situations, new equipment has to pass safety regulations before it is approved for use. For example, fixed access ladders need a safety cage starting 7 feet from grade. Platforms require a 4 inch toe rail at foot level to prevent tools from being accidently kicked off the platform

The rise and run of stairs has to meet an established formula so that works dont trip going up or going down and tread nosings have to be made of slip resistant materials. Thre are directions on the height of handrails and the materials from which the can be made as well as the avoidance of pinch points where railing sections meet

We can provide complete safety ladder plans at less cost than your in house drafting staff. Simply send us the elevations which you wish to climb to using the ladder and we will provide you with manufacturing drawings for an osha compliant ladder. Please note that the ladder cannot be longer than 30 feet between elevations. For distances greater than this, multiple ladders and platforms will be required.

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